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Cow & Ox Description

Classified Ads of Cows For Sale in Pakistan

Cows and oxen are known for thousands of years to work with humans in fields and farms so they are closely associated with humans and become very friendly. To keep them as pets give numerous advantages in form of milk and meat.  It is very common in Pakistan to bring them up and then sell them at good rates near Eid-ul-Azha. If you are also searching for quality Cows For Sale in Pakistan, look nowhere as PetVet is one of the leading marketplaces in providing a satisfactory experience of selling and buying cows. 

Buying Cows From Trusted Sellers

Save your time and shop online from the trusted sellers on our site in this digital age. Get your required Cows with just one click. 

Advertise With Us and Expand your Trading

Marketing and selling cattle was never so effortless in the past but the internet has made it so easier than ever before. Everyone remains using the internet all the time and prefers to shop online. That’s why all sellers are coming towards the Digital world to expand their business and earn more money. So do you deal in the cows business? PetVet welcomes all livestock owners to come and post classified ads of their cattle. What are you thinking about? Join us and earn with PetVet.pk
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  We render a very easy process to list your Cows For Sale in Pakistan and post their classifieds free of cost. Reach surplus cows’ buyers across Pakistan through us and raise your revenue.